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Artists managers, we are also called talent managers, serve as the business managers of musicians. They handle negotiations and other business affairs of an artist or band. Since the musician needs to focus all his/her attention on making music, the artist manager serves as the promoter, agent, or accountant. Artist managers also handle bookings, assist in promotions and perform production-related tasks. They ensure tours, gigs, and other bookings are paid unless otherwise agreed by the artist to perform pro bono.  An Artist Manager works on behalf of groups or artists to promote the artists' careers and run their business affairs. Their job is to secure the best work for their clients, for the best fee. ... They will negotiate deals, and support and guide their clients' careers.


Artist managers are responsible for collecting revenues, fees, or other payments stipulated in contracts. They hold auditions and interviews to discover potential clients, communicate with artists to develop marketing plans or tour goals for their music career, and recommend and implement actions to achieve them. Artist managers also initiate contacts with individuals and organizations that may help in the promotion of their client’s career, negotiate and seek ex-deals, prepare lodging, travel, food, and other needs for their clients’ out-of-town gigs and performances. They maximize sales by implementing direct marketing and advertising activities, negotiating with promoters and other people of contractual rights and obligations; as well as inspecting equipment and facilities to ensure they meet the artist’s specifications. Most artist managers book interviews for promotion, hire coaches and trainers to help artists with dancing, voice, translations, and others and perform daily bookkeeping take and complete financial obligations like taxes.

Education and Training Requirements

Most artist managers do not need academic training to qualify for this position. Although a college background is helpful since there are courses offered in the music business and music marketing, many artists prefer managers with extensive industry experience and networks.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

An artist manager must be an expert on the ins and outs of the music business. Good artist managers do everything they can to make their clients successful. They possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, public relations skills, marketing and advertising skills, negotiation skills, leadership skills, and basic computer skills. Artist managers must be friendly, independent, aggressive, and has the ability to work as part of a team.

Working Conditions

Most artist managers are office-based. Their work schedule varies since they are required to attend concerts or events at night, but handle promotional events for their client in the mornings. Traveling is a huge part of the job, with possible out-of-town and international destinations.

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