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Angel Lopez

Singer, Performer, Producer, Writer, and Composer - Angel Lopez promises a most amazing future...

Artist Biography 

When Angel Lopez moved to Chicago, he discovered The sound of Soul music and R&B,.

He wrote his first song at the age of 12 and became more involved in the dancing aspect of music where he began to break dancing with his brother and friends after school and had his first encounter with Hip hop and it was love at first beat! At the age of 15, he returned to Puerto Rico where he founded his First boy group and put His writing and choreographic skills to the test.

He entered various school talent shows where he met Baron Lopez and was officially discovered and soon after got his first opportunity to a professional record in a state of the art studio called Crescendo.

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Although the album was never released, it is rumored that it was the first unofficially various artist projects that sparked the DJ compilation CD’s. In 1986 Baron Lopez gave the amazing opportunity to participate as a featured artist in the Vico C second album called “Hispanic Soul” where he recorded background vocals and highlights in various tracks such as “No Podemos Finger”, and “Yogurt con coditos”. He impressed Vico’s Record label PRIME ENT. so much that they signed him.


In 1990 he released his first solo album self entitled “Angel” where it was obvious his influence of many styles of music, such as Hip hop, R&B, Reggae, and Pop. In 1993 he released his second album entitled “You and I” where participated in his own TV Spot in Telemundo for two months. In 1996 he became the fourth member of the group that gave him international recognition as the lead singer of “Son By 4”, and sold over two million copies with their hit “A Puro Dolor”.


Angel, the Latin Grammy award nominee and Premios Lo Nuestro Best new group, best song pop and tropical winner 2001, the Paoli award winner album of the year 2002, Latin Heritage award best Pop song and tropical song of the year winner 2002, and many more.


He has shared the stage with many artist likes of Michael Jackson, Toni Braxton, Brian McKnight, Jodeci, Destiny Child, Whitney Houston, Ricky Martin, Shaggy, Dona Summers, NSYNC,













Jose Feliciano, MDO, 3 Doors Down, LFO, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Willy Chirino, India, Victor Manuel, Michael Stuart, Elvis Crespo, Alejandron Fernandez, El Gran Combo, Grupo Mania, just to name a few. He has performed the National anthem in 2004 for the Miami Marlins and performed For George W Bush in his campaign for the presidency in 2004. He has also worked as an actor in an independent featured film in Puerto Rico directed by Kim Kravits, and has placed numerous theme tracks for Latin Soap Operas, as well as placing the sound Track entitled “With You”, on the movie “Down To Earth” with Chris Rock and “Empire” with John Leguizamo.


After his success with the Group Son By 4, now as a solo artist, he has released two solo albums entitled, “En Mi Soledad” and “Re- Inventado”, where he has had various top ten tracks, Elegiste Perder, Entre el amor y el Odio, Hasta Cuando Featuring Baby Ranks, and “Te Sigo Amando”, which was written by Frankie J.

n 2007 he signed to P.E.EX. Co. Management represented by Maria Del C. Lopez “Mary”, and with this a new chapter in Angel's most promising career where they’re currently working on various projects to bring ones again the soulful voice, and the urban essence of Angel of Latin America. In fact, having no record label yet Angel has featured with Panama Urban Artist Joey Montana ex-member of a group called “La Factoria” and under the production of young upcoming producer “PREDIKADOR” who has worked with many Puerto Rico Urban artists like Baby Ranks, Eddie D just to mention a few, under his production Angel Lopez and Joey Montana have been on top of the charts with the hit song “Que Dios Te Castigue” and “No lo vuelvo hacer Mas No quiero perderte”. Back in October 2007 in Panama 2007 Music award, they were awarded Best Fusion duo of 2007 with “Que Dios Te Castigue”…

This is only the beginning…The best is yet to come….

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